WATCH: Epic Battle Between Postal Worker and a Cat

You’ve heard about postal workers being chased by dogs. It’s a tale that’s probably as old as the postal service itself. But here’s a hilarious video you won’t believe: A cat and postman do battle while he tries to deliver the mail!

The clip comes from America’s Funniest Home Videos, and we’re not sure when the episode aired. All we know is that this specific clip, which shows Tom Bergeron at the beginning introducing it (thus our assumption of the clip’s origins), popped up on YouTube a couple days ago and now feline fans have launched it into the social media stratosphere. It’s pretty genius for two reasons:

  1. The postal worker shooting the video doesn’t hate the cat. In fact, he’s laughing through the whole process, in as much disbelief as the viewer.
  2. IT’S INSANE! This cat is like the murderer in a horror film parody. If the movements and claws didn’t look so real, we’d think it was faked.

Check it out. It’s a good one minute of laughs for you and your friends — even if they’re not cat people.

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