WATCH: Exorcism Interrupted by Phone Call

We can’t say for sure if the video above is staged or not. However, it has been making the rounds on the internet recently and for good reason.

In what appears to be a church exorcism, a priest calls upon a church-goer to rid him of the evil spirit. All seems to be going pretty much how it’s supposed to, until a cell phone rings and the man who is being performed on sits up straight and takes the call.

The minister is stunned, as are the other church goers who just watch in silence. The funniest part however, is when the man hangs up on the phone and asks the exorcist to continue.

Again, as with any video that’s just floating around on the internet this one carries with it the chance of being fake, so we advise you take it with a grain of salt.  Whatever the case may be, however, it is too hilarious not to share.

Check it out for yourself above.