WATCH: Families Torn Apart by the Korean War Reunite for the First Time in Over 60 Years

Hundreds of families from North and South Korea have been reunited with each other for the first time in over 60 years. Those who were reunited were mostly elderly, and had been separated by loved ones during the Korean war.

Not only was this the first time many have seen members of their families in decades, but heart-breakingly they only had a 12-hour window to enjoy each others company and share treasured moments together.

Many are reduced to tears, and share watery tears with long-lost siblings, spouses, and other family. Most dressed in formal attire to look their best for the occasion. Although many relied on wheelchairs or assistance walking due to their age and health, they still brought various assortments of presents to exchange with their loved ones.

For many, this may also be the last time they see each other.

The event took place in Diamond Mountain, North Korea, and is one of three days of reunions to be held there.

Hundreds of North and South Korean family members briefly reunited after being kept apart for 60 years.

Posted by INSIDER on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Watch footage from the bittersweet reunions in the video above.