WATCH: Family ‘Resurrects’ Kitten Found Frozen in Snow by Rubbing Its Heart for an Hour

A family at Bear Lake in Garden City, Utah experienced a Thanksgiving miracle after they found a tiny kitten frozen, and at first they thought dead, in the snow.

The tiny kitten was buried in the snow, and was discovered by one of the children in the family who nearly tripped over the frozen creature.

They spent over an hour gently rubbing the kitten’s heart to generate warmth and perform kitten-CPR.

See this lucky little kitten’s rescue from the brink of death in the video above. Get the tissues hand though, because this will surely make you choke up a little bit.

The video was first shared by Brandon Bingham on YouTube, and has quickly gone viral ever since. Apparently the family was staying in a rented cabin for the holiday weekend, but they surely didn’t expect a Thanksgiving morning miracle.

They bring the kitten inside and it is barely moving, frozen in an awkward position. Apparently when the kitten was found it was not completely frozen stiff, but still very close to death.

It was almost too late for the little kitty, who had probably been outside buried in snow overnight.

Thankfully, a little TLC next the fireplace and dedicated CPR efforts revived it.