WATCH: Family Terrorized by ‘Milk Ghosts’

A family in England just got terrorized by one or more milk-fiend ghosts. The couple and their baby were having just another normal morning when they suddenly caught the lid on a gallon of milk moving all on its own.

You can see for yourself in the clip above that the green plastic lid lifts up without it being touched. No tricks with strings could’ve pulled this off, so we’re left with jaws completely hanging.

The lid doesn’t lift off just once either. It then continues going up and down without anyone touching it.

Danny Cavanagh, who filmed the haunted milk bottle, told the Mirror: “My wife went to make a cup of coffee and realized what was going on and called me and I started filming.”

We’ve seen some crazy ghost footage in the past, but this is our first with dairy-obsessed phantoms. We want to know what you think of all this.

Let us know below if you think this is a real sighting of milk ghosts or not.



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