WATCH: Father Charged with Murdering Pregnant Daughter & Doing the Unthinkable with Body

William Caruth, 61, of Baychester, NY was charged with the manslaughter of his daughter whose dead body he’d lived with for days before his arrest.

When police searched Caruth’s house, which smelled of death, they found the 5-month pregnant body of Anndrea Caruth, 35, in a crawlspace in her father’s basement apartment. Police allege that her father had turned up the concrete in a closet to make the crawlspace for hiding the body. He’d then partially covered the hole with gravel before placing a rug and piece of plywood on top of it.

A machete and a hammer were recovered from the home, and two additional buckets of gravel were found outside the residence

An autopsy revealed there had been a struggle between the father and daughter before she finally succumbed to death. She was found with a rope around her torso and throat. The report showed that she had been strangled and smashed in the head, suffering skull fractures and brain injuries.

William Caruth had bite marks on both hands and a cut across the bridge of his nose.

Valentina Caiazzo, the previous owner of the family’s apartment said: “(Anndrea) was the nicest person. I thought she was good … this is a shocker.”

Police records show that between 2001 and 2013 police had visited the residence on five occasions due to domestic disputes.

What lead to the grisly murder was a dispute over a second mortgage taken out on the home by Anndrea Caruth. William Caruth with had apparently given the money he owed to someone else, one source said.

Records indicate the murdered daughter had two mortgages on the property, the original one and another one she took out four years later, in a larger $280,000 (£191,000) mortgage in 2006.