WATCH: Fathers Behind Bars Get to Hug Their Children for the First Time

A prison ministry program called One Day with God hopes to reunite children with their incarcerated parents, in some cases for the first time in their lives.

Having a parent locked-up can have a lasting negative impact on children, and may set the child up for struggles with social issues, mental health and school performance.

For many children of inmates, the only contact they ever have with their incarcerated parent is through phone calls.

Some of the children live hours away from where their parents are doing their time behind bars, making in-person visits rare or impossible.

In many cases the parent-child relationship is strained due to distance, trust issues and lack of contact. This program is trying to foster new communication between the children and their parents.

According to the ministry’s website:

“The day includes games, crafts, lunch, music, clowns, an illusionist, face painting, and a parent and child quiet time. It is a divinely appointed time for both child and inmate where both can experience the love of God and find forgiveness and reconciliation.”

In the video above, see the touching moment these fathers get to hold their children for the first time.