WATCH: Firefighter Caught on Camera Beating Woman Unconscious and the Reason Why Will Shock You

It was an attack caught on camera. A woman was feeding stray cats in her neighborhood in Los Angles when a surveillance camera captured Ian Justin Eulian, a former firefighter, and his mother confront and beat the woman till she was unconscious.

The brutal attack against Rebecca Stafford happened in September of 2013 when she was sitting in her car feeding the abandoned cats. Eulian came up to her yelled, punched and through her out of the vehicle where he continued to beat her till she was unconscious.

Eulian waited till Stafford woke up and told her she had fallen and hit her head, him and his mother then proceeded to drive her home like nothing had ever happened. It wasnt until the surveillance footage surfaced that the three went to trial.

The case went to trial where Eulian explained how he wanted Stafford to stop feeding the cats because they were causing problems. During that same trial Stafford confessed to throwing cat food in Eulian’s face so he would stop yelling at her, that’s when the former firefighter got aggressive.

According to KABC-TV the original trial charged both Eulian and his mother, Lonieta Fontaine.

“The first trial ended in a deadlock. Fontaine was initially charged as an accessory, but the case against her was dismissed in the retrial. Jurors found Eulian guilty of battery with serious bodily injury and assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury on Thursday after deliberating for about 90 minutes.”

The Los Angeles Fire Department released a statement where they expressed their disappointment in Ian Justin Eulian.

The story is coming up in headlines again as there is another court date set for late June where Eulian will hear his sentence. He faces up to seven years in prison.

See the raw footage here:

WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some.