WATCH: The First-Ever Bollywood Music Video for Gay Rights

The first ever Bollywood music video for gay rights was recently released under The United Nations Free & Equal campaign.

It features a traditional Indian party with attendees anticipating a young family member to come home with his significant other, whom no one has met. When he shows up, he is accompanied by his boyfriend. The family is surprised, but ultimately it’s the matriarch who has a choice between accepting or shunning the two individuals. Happily, she opens her arms and her heart and ushers in love.

A rep for UN-Bollywood Music Video for LGBT Rights explains the weight of this groundbreaking video.

“Although this is specifically speaking about gay rights, I think we can take this as pointing towards the identification of GSD (Gender and Sexual Diversity) rights in general. GSD is a more broad, conglomerate term for ‘all sexual preferences other than the normal heterosexuality.’ This comes in wake of two conflicting judgements by two separate benches of the Supreme Court of India: one which upheld the constitutional validity of criminalizing homosexual sex, and one which directed the government to recognise transgenders as the ‘third gender’. There couldn’t have been a better time to create this music video.”

Watch the video, which features Bollywood star Miss India winner Celina Jaitly and let us know what you think.