WATCH: Fist-Pumping Babies Party It Up at NYC’s Baby Raves

If you’ve got a four month to four-year-old at home and you’re tired of doing the same old play date at the park thing, you may want to consider something a little more exciting.

Baby raves are the latest in entertainment for the four and under age group, and yes they’re exactly what they sound like. Parents take their little ones to kiddie club parties with music specifically selected to cater to their liking, but that mom and dad can groove along to as well. The idea is to have a club-like atmosphere — complete with flashing lights, projection screens, and baby beats — where the little ones can develop their fist-pumping skills early.

Baby raves have already been popular in some European countries, but they’re just taking off in the states. NYC’s The Duke is hosting these baby raves during mid-May, but with such a positive reaction from parents and babies alike, we wouldn’t be surprised if these parties start popping up all over the country.

Check out the newsclip above to learn more.