WATCH: Florida Beach Hero Saves Drowning Dog with CPR

A dog at a Tampa, Florida beach-side dog park is lucky to be alive after nearly drowning in the water. The Labrador, named Zena, was pulled from the ocean unconscious and unresponsive—she wasn’t breathing at all when she was brought ashore, according to reports.

Ignacio Torano shot video of the heroic rescue that went down at the Davis Island Dog Park, and now the video has gone viral online.

That’s when a bystander stepped in and began administering CPR to the canine.

Torano told Fox News Insider:

“I saw this dog’s head reaching above water. The owner was chasing in with their clothes on, jumped in and grabbed the dog. She brought it out to shore. They started giving it compressions. Someboby’s Google searching what to do. Nobody really knew how to give a dog CPR.”

A fire and rescue crew—which apparently was in the area and noticed the crowd gathered—was able to step in and help resuscitate Zena. It took several minutes, but eventually the canine began to breath again.

Zena was taken to the vet and is apparently doing fine after the traumatic experience.

The incident serves as a reminder to brush up on pet first aid tips, in preparedness for such emergencies.

See the full rescue in the video below.