WATCH: Florida Woman with 3,500 Knives Terrorizes Neighbors, Attacks Police

Neighbors of one Florida women were left in shock and disbelief when they learned that Nickole Dykema was hiding a total of 3,500 weapons—most of them knives—inside of her home. Police were called to her home in response to a report that Dykema was screaming and slashing a neighbor’s window screens and air conditioner unit.

On top of the overwhelming number of dangerous weapons, Dykema had stockpiled Halloween-style gross-out props of fake body parts, including plastic severed fingers and heads.

Her neighbors said she “terrorized” everyone in the community and could be heard screaming and banging around inside of her house constantly.

Nothing could have prepared them for the sight of literally thousands of weapons lining the walls of her home. According to officers, at least 500 bladed weapons were found in each room.

Apparently she also had a satanic-like shrine set up in her home.

Dykema was found to be in violation of her probabtion, as she was not supposed to have any weapons as part of those terms.

According to News10, Dykema wielded a large machete at one officer, trying to stab him in the head. A crisis team was needed to help calm and contain the woman.

Eventually she was taken into custody, and reportedly no one was injured.

She is wanted on multiple arrest warrents, and has now additionally been charged with several counts of probation violation, property damage, resisting an officer, assault, and more.

She is being held without bond.