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WATCH: French Cats Playing Pattycake (Subtitled)

You have to love the internet. Only through the miracle of the Information Super Highway could we see incredible events — like the riots in the Ukraine, Pussy Riot being beaten during the Winter Olympics in Sochi… and French cats playing pattycake.

This video went crazy on Facebook and Twitter back in 2014, and it’s making the rounds again. For the third time, as far as we can tell. The original video went on YouTube in 2008, and this is what the owner said about the cute critters:

Looks like my two cats Goo and Yat Jai are playing patty cake or Wing Chun Sticky hands! They do this all the time and I finally caught it on video. When they realise I’m filming, they stop and then resume when they think I’m not looking. Cheeky cat 🙂

However, it’s been re-posted bunches of times, subtitled in French, and now subtitled in English. We’re not quite sure if the subtitling adds anything to the overall cuteness of the video. The cats do a great job of that on their own. But when you see the two of them stop their game to look at the cameraman, it is kind of genius. This is where we think the subtitles do make the joke better, which is why we posted this version rather than the original.

Watch it above. And if you love pet videos, check out a cat that loves warm baths and a cat that’s scared of windshield wipers.

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