WATCH: This Frog Screaming Like a Human Will Scare the Tadpoles out of You

You find a frog sitting on the hardwood floor of your home. What do you do? Reach out to touch its slimy skin of course.

And what does the mysterious amphibian do in response? He lets out a bone-chilling noise like none you’ve ever heard, the kind of noise that could wake the dead. The frog smiles at you, almost triumphant or taunting, as if it’s cursed you with its bloodcurdling scream.

Next, you post the video on YouTube, and it goes viral. Some say this frog is adorable. They are wrong. This frog is evil incarnate, and we’re about to dial an exorcist and send him over to the home of YouTube user Zack Gamer, who posted the video.

Anyway, watch it above.