WATCH: Garbage Truck Collects a Couple Sleeping Inside a Dumpster

Dumpster diving for an old frame or lamp is one thing, but falling asleep in a dumpster with your dog can be pointblank dangerous.

In Spokane, Wash. an unknown couple sleeping inside a dumpster with their dog were woken up by jolts and the noise of hydraulics as a garbage truck took hold of their dumpster and flipped them into a pile of foul garbage in the back of the garbage truck.

The driver had no idea there were two people and their dog inside until he heard strange noises coming from the back of the garbage truck and saw a box of garbage fly out.

Fortunately, for the couple and their dog, he decided to pull over and investigate.

According to the truck driver, many drivers wear earplugs that could have prevented him from discovering the couple pounding the walls in the truck’s garbage compartment.

Once he discovered the weary couple and their dog, he called 911 immediately.

The couple were taken to a local hospital to be evaluated and found no major injuries besides some bruising from the five feet fall. The dog was also left uninjured, according to reports.

Check out the video.