WATCH: Gay Vulture Couple Adopts Abandoned Egg, Starts a Family

A same-sex vulture couple is finally able to start a family together, and potentially save the life of a baby vulture, all in one fell swoop.

Zoo officials at the Tierpark Nordhorn Zoo in Germany say that they noticed one of their female vultures who had recently laid an egg had dropped it into the mud under her tree. They realized she was showing no interest in the egg or in caring for it.

That’s when they decided to see if a pair of male vultures, who had already built a nest that they share together, would take to the abandoned egg.

They did, and the couple quickly sat over the egg in attempts to incubate it.

Although the zoo officials are not sure if the egg has been fertilized, they’re glad to see that the event has brought the vulture duo closer together than ever before.

According to zoo spokesperson Ina Deiting, same-sex couples in the avian world are not at all unusual—particularly with species that mate for life.

Get the details in the video above.