WATCH: Giant Sinkhole Swallows 15 Cars in IHOP Parking Lot

A massive sinkhole, approximately 50-feet long opened up in the parking lot of a Mississippi IHOP restaurant over the weekend. The cave-in claimed at least 15 vehicles, sending them through the pavement into the dirt and mud beneath.

Although rainy weather is delaying the recovery attempts, it is believed that the cars will be removed within the week.

No injuries were reported, but it is not yet known how long it will take before the area is deemed safe once more.

Apparently the IHOP had actually first opened its doors earlier this week.

Diners and employees at the IHOP who witnessed the event reported that they first thought they were feeling some kind of earthquake. Then they saw the massive trench outside and the devastation that looks almost like the apocalypse.

The damage will likely run into the thousands of dollars to repair and the land will need to be filled back in and resurfaced before it is safe again.

Meridian Police Patrol Lt. Rita Jack told NBC News:

“The sinkhole is huge. If you imagine a football field cut in half, it is every bit of 50 feet wide and about 100-125 feet wide. We are talking 14 to 15 vehicles. It’s very scary. We are so fortunate that no injuries were sustained. We are going keep it under observation until we know that it is clear and safe.”