WATCH: Girl Finds the Most Disgusting Thing Crawling Inside Her Makeup Sponge

WARNING: If you don’t like bugs, this video will probably make you gag.

Stevie Miller, a beauty professional from Norfolk in the UK, made one of the most gag-worthy discoveries imaginable when she tried to use a makeup sponge. Miller was about to use a newly purchased Beauty Blender sponge when she noticed a tiny little hole. Curious, she started to dig deeper toward the center of the sponge.

She was filming herself at the time, caught the next spine-tingling discovery on film.

As she dug into blender, she found a tiny black bug buried in the material. She poked around even deeper with some tweezers and pulled out an insect wing, and yet another terrible black bug.

She extracted at least three bugs from to product.

The video, which she posted to Facebook, has over 1.5 million views so far.

In speaking with Mashable, Miller said she’s still trying to figure out what kind of bugs she discovered.

She said:

“I’m yet to find exactly what they were, but I had someone look at them and they’re not British bugs, so they must have crawled in and got comfortable before they reached the authorized reseller.”

She said the whole incident gave her some major “heebie-jeebies.”

It’s enough to creep you out just watching her video.