WATCH: Girl Who Survived Devastating Fire Has Her Christmas Wish Come True

Earlier this week we shared the story of a little girl named Safyre, who lost her family two years ago in a devastating arson fire. Safyre survived, but suffered extensive burns all over her body and has undergone more than 50 operations as part of her grueling recovery.

In addition to losing her loved ones, Safyre lost an arm and a foot as a result of her injuries.

Despite the trauma she’s experienced at such a young age, Safyre’s one Christmas request this year was touchingly simple and heartwarming. She just wanted to receive Christmas cards to hang on her tree-shaped card-holder.

Her aunt, who now cares for Safyre, said she was worried the little girl would be disappointed and that they would only receive a handful of Christmas cards this year, but reached out to the Internet for help.

Since her story has gone viral around the Internet, we have a happy update to this story!

Well-wishers are helping Safyre’s wishes come true, and there has been a huge outpouring of support as strangers from around the country send the little girl cards to enjoy.

Original Story:

Little Girl Who Saw Her Family Die in a Fire Only Wants One Surprising Thing for Christmas