WATCH: Glass Tube Allows Deaf People to Touch Music

A new, simple invention is changing the way people who are deaf or hearing impaired can experience music. Dimitri Hadjichristou, a designer and DJ, has created a funnel-shaped tube that can transform the sound waves created by music and turn it into a visual and tactile experience.

The device is made of glass, and can allow people who cannot hear to literally touch their favorite songs.

Hadjichristou developed the tube, which is called Vi, as part of his graduate work at the University of Edinburgh.

Right now the device is targeted to children—around the ages of seven to nine—and is meant to resemble the kid-friendly design and interactive nature of a toy.

Wooden blocks and controls create vibrations in rhythm with music, while the glass tube is filled with metal balls that move in sync with the rhythm as well as a visual display.

You can learn more about how Vi works in the video above, and at Hadjichristou’s site here.