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WATCH: Golden Retriever Puppy Falls Asleep in Water Bowl

There’s something very precious about watching a puppy as it tries to fight off sleep. It struggles to keep its eyes open, not wanting to miss anything that’s going on around it — especially when there are puppy siblings tumbling about — and yet sleep is not something any animal can overcome.
And… so… sleep sets it.
There are tons of golden retriever puppy videos out there, and even clips with the young pups trying to stay awake on video sites, but this one is just a bit more fun — and adorable.
Andy is a five-week-old golden retriever who falls asleep in his water bowl. The water doesn’t help, even having his two paws submerged doesn’t do anything, because no matter how hard Andy tries, he still lays his head down in the liquid. Andy’s brothers and sisters don’t provide any assistance either, crawling around him to keep drinks. Because, you know, when you gotta drink, you gotta drink.
Check out Andy and his epic struggle above. The whole video is a fun bit of time, but if you cut to around 1:50 you get to the really good stuff, and can hear the owners talking and trying not to laugh. It’ll make you feel like you’re in on the action.

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