WATCH: Grieving Family Gets an Early Christmas Miracle

One YouTuber and his family have teamed up to create Christmas Joy this year, in the most touching way possible. Stuart Edge shared a video on his channel that proves that sometimes you can’t wait for Christmas miracles to magically happen, you have to make them happen for those you care about.

In the video he shares:

“Last year some friends of ours lost their father unexpectedly, and because of the circumstances this is their first Christmas back inside their home. This family is always giving back to us, as well as many others in the community, so we wanted to make sure that their first Christmas back inside their home is a special one.”

So Edge and his family rallied the community, and performed an entire Christmas home makeover for the family.

The makeover was both indoors and outdoors, and included decorations, Christmas lights, and even furniture and appliances, along with performing repairs to their roof.

On top of that, they even helped the family buy a monument for their late father, who had passed away last year.

Their faces of surprise and joy to see what their friends and family did to welcome them back to their home is the only Christmas miracle you’ll need to see this year.

See the whole thing, and the family’s beautiful reactions, in the video above.