WATCH: Guy Calls in Sick to Work – Travels to New Zealand for 24 Hours

We all have those days when we just don’t want to go to work and want to do what we really want to do. Well one guy decided to play hooky in the best way possible. Matthew Philip took the phrase YOLO to a whole new level and we have proof.

Matthew works in Brisbane, Australia as a music producer, but when he woke up one morning at 3AM he decided he just wasn’t feeling the beat of the music. So in the spur of the moment he decided to buy a plane ticket and travel to New Zealand for 24 hours.

To inspire us all to take our own little day off from work, the Australian native filmed his journey. The two minute video starts out silent with a few words explaining the situation, then it kicks off, documenting his every move. It shows Matthew picking up his friends, heading to the airport and starting their adventure. From drinking fresh water from a flowing stream to being surrounded by snow covered mountains to even bungee jumping, this guy played hooky like a real pro.

The Youtube video ends with Matthew Phillip back a his desk at work.