WATCH: Guy Kisses Another Guy’s Girlfriend in Front of Him, Gets His A*s Handed to Him

What’s worse, getting kissed against your will or getting kissed against your will with your boyfriend there to watch? Well, this guy standing up on the bleachers wasn’t having it after another man grabbed his girlfriend and kissed her.

It’s not clear what preceded the video recording but what we can see is that the girlfriend tried to get up from the bleachers where the kissing bandit was sitting but he pulls her down by the back of her sweater. He then plants the unwanted smooch on her lips.

Immediately, the boyfriend goes ballistic and mayhem ensues.

It’s not clear at first who will win the fight, but it’s clear that the boyfriend who was just totally disrespected by another guy has a lot more fire in him.

This video is proof that we should not kiss other people’s girlfriends or boyfriends, especially not in front of their partner and, more importantly, not when it’s unwanted. Justice served.

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