WATCH: What Happens When a Firework Factory Explodes

Fireworks are a ton of fun, but mostly just from a safe, non-life threatening distance. When the explosions are too close, it feels less like Independence Day and more like the middle of a war zone.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be entertained by such a thing on YouTube. Somehow this cameraman became trapped in the midst of a seemingly endless series of explosions surrounding a firework facility. As you can imagine, one explosion sort of causes a terrifying, albeit colorful, chain reaction.

According to the AP video summary, posted above, “An explosion at a fireworks warehouse in Colombia on Sunday knocked a local cameraman off his feet and filled the sky with whizzes, bangs and a display of dazzling colors. Two people suffered minor injuries and 17 homes were damaged.”

It’s a heart-pumping delight to watch. So watch it! It’ll only take three minutes out of your presumably busy day. Below is a slightly longer version of the “firework factory explodes” video from YouTube.