WATCH: What Happens When Kids Get High Off Sugar?

We’ve all experienced at least one fit of sugar rage as a kid; that is, unless your parents prohibited you from eating candy.

In the moment, it seemed like the laughter, the hyperactive running around and feeling delirious out of our minds would never end.

Have you ever eaten an entire cotton candy on a stick at the fair? Then you know what I’m talking about.

In this little experiment from toothpaste brand Crest, you’ll see the fun (and scary) effects of a sugar high.

Folks, meet an octopus, twin monsters, a piñata and a sheep. They were all invited to “test” out some larger-than-life versions of Halloween candy.

As expected, after consuming a sickening amount of treats, the kids went completely insane.

While it may look like all fun and games at first, one of the little kids confesses that he “threw up in the toilet” after eating too much.

Watch the video above to see kids get high off sugar.