WATCH: Heartbreaking Moment Syrian Girl Survives Airstrike but Can’t Find Parents

There are moments caught on camera that bring tears to your eyes, and this video will do just that.

As much as we know that ISIS needs to be crushed, the truth is that in bombing the terror group there are civilian casualties who suffer along the way too.

The footage you can see above was taken after a series of airstrikes, one of which hit this little girl’s home. You see her being pulled out of the unbelievable wreckage that was once her house by a group of men. You know that she’s lucky to be alive and that the chances of there being other survivors in her family are slim.

Once the girl is dragged to safety, she thanks her rescuers and immediately begins asking after her mother, father and siblings. You can tell the man talking to her is lying to keep her calm when he says the family members are okay. He probably doesn’t know yet — or he may even know the worst. We can only hope that it’s true that her family survived just as she did.

Regardless of how things ended up for this girl, this video reminds us of the horrors of war and how innocent people get caught in its midst.