WATCH: Hero Bus Driver Stops Kidnapping in Progress, Saves Crying 3-Year-Old

When a three-year-old boy was reported missing from a Northern California public library, just outside of San Francisco, an alert went out to the public. Fortunately, one eagle-eyed man paid attention and his heroic actions led to the safe recovery of the child, ABC News reported.

Tim Watson works for the Valley Transportation Authority as a bus driver. It was only about an hour after the child went missing when Watson noticed a man and the boy on his bus. When he realized the duo matched the description of the suspect and child released by authorities, he knew he had to intervene.

According to Watson, the boy was crying.

Under the guise of searching for a missing bag, Watson pulled over and stopped the bus. He took the opportunity to contact police.

When officers from the Milpitas Police Department responded to the scene, they discovered the suspect attempting to disembark the bus with the child in his arms.

The suspect was identified as 23-year-old Alfonso Edington, and was taken into custody on kidnapping charges.

Watson said he “just lost it” when police informed him that he’d helped foil an abuduction.

“I became very emotional,” said Watson, who has two children of his own. “This could have been my child.”