WATCH: Gutsy Dancer in the Smallest Speedo Ever Shows Off His Awesome Moves

Okay, we just love this dude. His video was originally posted in 2013 and we put it on the website then, but when looking through the archives we found it again and decided it was time to give this guy a refresh.

Why do we love him so much? While many people carrying around a few extra pounds might be afraid to strut around the pool with all the skinny-minnies, the man in this video embraced what his mama gave him and showed up everyone in this poolside exercise class.

With nothing but a Speedo and a smile, this guy is the epitome of confidence. We can take a lesson or two from him on how to love and be happy with what we have.

Good for you guy. Keep on movin’ and groovin’!

Check out the popular “dancer in speedo” video above.