WATCH: Hilarious Parody of Your Instagram Obsession

You know this friend — the one who screams “Wait!” right as you’re going in for a bite of the delicious meal you’ve been craving all day long. Why does she stop you? Because said friend finds it totally necessary to take out a phone and Instagram a picture before you’re able to calm your growling, empty stomach. And if you don’t have that friend, you probably are that friend.

Instagram has taken over our lives. Thirty-year-olds overshare photos of their children while teens pucker up to snap pictures of themselves. And then there are the not-so-modest men, who use the bathroom mirror to show us their abs and much, much more.

After drowning in this inflow of foods, faces, body parts, and things we can really do without, we’re happy to have found this Nickelback parody by CollegeHumor that hits the obsession right on the nose.

Check out the laugh-out-loud funny video. Oh hold on, we gotta Instagram our co-worker’s reaction to this.