WATCH: Hilarious Video for S. Korean Rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style” Will Have You Dancing Along

We’re guessing not all of the 50 million YouTube viewers who watched South Korean rapper Psy’s latest video speak or understand Korean, but we’re almost certain that all of them grooved to the club anthem that has become an internet sensation since the video was released last month. We sure as heck did.

The bizarre, wacky but insanely catchy dance-heavy video for “Gangnam Style” has become a worldwide hit, even ranking No. 1 on iTunes.

The star of the video, 34-year-old Jae-Sang Park, dances and shimmies his way through a park, a horse stable, a bus decked out with disco balls, a subway, even on the toilet, all while looking ridiculously awesome in colorful bright suits and bow ties and a pair of sun glasses that he wears throughout the video.

Oh there’s also a fab little guy sporting track pants and an amazing hair ‘do, who sure puts our dance moves to shame.

Watch the video and you’ll be inspired to do some shimmying of your own as you sing along to the only English phrase in the video, “Hey sexy lady!” This video is pure genius.

Check it out!