WATCH: Homeless People Read Sickeningly Mean Tweets About Themselves

If you’re familiar with the “Celebs Read Mean Tweets” segment of Jimmy Kimmel’s show, you know the premise: The show presents celebrities with mean tweets that people have actually written about them, and they get to read the tweets out loud on camera.

It’s a funny segment meant to entertain, but an organization recently took a twist on the idea and this version is meant to make you think.

Raising the Roof is a Canadian charity organization which recently launched a new campaign called “Humans for Humans.” In it, they ask a number of people facing homelessness – some short term, some for as long as 47 years and some with kids and pets — to read real tweets people have written about the homeless. What they read broke our hearts.

Most importantly, putting real faces to homelessness and watching their responses allows this campaign to encourage others to question their thoughts and shatter the false misconceptions about the people living with it.

Leo Burnett Toronto, the ad agency responsible for the campaign said “some people so easily talk negatively about people living with homelessness – almost as if they weren’t people.”

Watch the video above and for more information on the campaign, click here.