WATCH: Horrible Interview Answers from the Miss USA 2015 Competition

Last night 51 contestants took the stage in the hopes of becoming the next Miss USA. The ladies competed in three different categories: evening gown, swimsuit and of course the personality interview.

Thousands watched from the Reelz channel and online to support their state and their favorite girls on their road to the crown. However, some of the ladies hit a few bumps in the road when it came to answering the more controversial questions of the night.

The top 5 contestants were all required to pick a card on stage that had a judges name on it. That judge would then read them a question, the contestant then had 30 seconds to answer. While some answered flawlessly others including Miss. Nevada and Miss. Rhode Island stumbled quite a bit.

These are the horrible interview answers from the Miss USA 2015 competition.

See the full competition here: