WATCH: Horrifying Footage Shows Man Swept Away by Massive Waterfall

The horrifying video captured by a drone shows Sean Steininger, a hiker swept away by a massive waterfall.

He was climbing in Maui, Hawaii at the Na’ili’ili Haele stream with his friends. As he reached the top he was getting ready to jump until a flash flood hit, sending rushing waters towards him. Sean was able to hold on for about 30 seconds until the strong waters swept him away, pushing him towards the rocks at the base of the waterfall.

The Los Angeles native explained to KITV what was going through his head when the flood hit:

“Basically I was thinking to myself, ‘This is really going to hurt you and hopefully you’ll be in good enough shape to get back to the surface once you hit that water below’.”

According to the Mirror, Sean thankfully came up from the strong waters unharmed. He and his friends were able to get to safety and call 911.