WATCH: Horrifying Moment a Polar Bear Tries to Escape Its Entrapment

Zoos are a very controversial topic because of the moral and ethical implications taking animals from their natural habitat and placing them to live on display behind bars. While there are undoubtedly many wonderful wildlife rescue programs dedicated to saving animals, and breeding programs designed to help rescue endangered species, for-profit zoos are more of a grey area.

While many zoos try to create a comfortable environment for their animals, it will never be quite the same as if they were truly out in nature.

The animal is still trapped and contained in a much smaller space than it would otherwise enjoy.

The video above is proof of this. In the  heartbreaking footage a polar bear is seen trying to escape from the confines of his enclosure at the Rotterdam Zoo.

The polar bear’s name is Vicks and he is almost two years old. He was born at the zoo with over 420,000 viewers through a live-stream video. His early life was also documented almost entirely through video.

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