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WATCH: How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Key

Have you ever needed to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew? You know how it is — it’s the end of a long day, you’re ready to relax with a glass of wine, and you suddently discover that you’re missing a corkscrew.

No? Nope, us neither. We have plenty of wine openers at home. But we have gone to friends’ houses and discovered they didn’t have one that worked. And mom’s house. She doesn’t drink at all. And at hotel rooms where they don’t have one in the room or it’s going to take 45 minutes for the staff to run one up.

Can’t wait that long? Don’t panic, because it’s still really easy to uncork your bottle. All you need is a key.

How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Key

The instructions come from DaveHax on YouTube and it’s a super simple method. It works best with synthetic corks, so it’s helpful if you know the kind of cork inside the wine bottle before trying it out. Dave does try it with a regular cork, and things get a little messy, but if you’re desperate you can probably make it work.

Or just pick those annoying cork bits out of your wine before drinking.

Check out the video and try it for yourself.

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