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WATCH: ‘I Thought I was Going to Die’—Grandma Freaks Out Over Autopilot Tesla

A 70-year-old grandma has gone viral online over a video of her freaking out as she takes an autopilot Tesla feature for a test drive. Clearly, she fears an imminent crash.

“Oh dear, Jesus. I could never!” She cries out, as the car maneuvers itself.

She told Inside Edition that it was the weirdest feeling to be behind the wheel, but not controlling the car.

“I’ve driven cars for fifty years,” she said in the interview. “I’ve never had one drive me.”

The woman, identified as Shirley Rimmer, was driving her son’s new electric sports car, a Tesla Model S, when he switched it into autopilot mode. When he saw her amazing reaction to the new technology, he decided he had to record her on his phone.

According to Shirley, this isn’t the first time her son Bill has a history of pranking her like this.

See the full clip below.

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