WATCH: ICU Nurse Is Reunited with Every Baby She’s Ever Saved

Renee is an NICU nurse at WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia. She’s the woman who tends to babies who are not allowed to be with their moms until they are strong enough to leave their incubators.

Renee has helped countless babies and their families on their road to recovery. Mainly, she’s given these babies the love and mirroring they were not able to get from their mothers right after birth.

She is truly a remarkable woman with a huge heart.

So, when Kleenex (yes, the tissue company) did some research on Renee, they found the perfect tearjerking way to thank her for her goodness: They gathered all the babies Renee has ever saved and their parents so they can all be reunited in one room.

Of course, Renee had no idea what was happening and was moved to tears.

You will be too. Pass the Kleenex!