WATCH: If You Can Stomach It, See How Doctors Remove a Brain-Eating Parasite from a Patient’s Head

WARNING: This post contains video footage from a medical procedure that is very graphic, and may be too gross for some viewers.

Fascinating footage shows the surgical procedure of doctors working to remove some kind of brain-eating parasite from a woman’s brain. The result, the parasite is out but a gaping hole is left in her head.

Fortunately, the woman is reported to have survived the procedure. She can even be seen moving her arms and legs a little after the operation takes place.

According to the person who posted the video, once parasitic eggs enter the body they can get carried to many different organs through the bloodstream. Once making themselves at home in the body, they can quickly grow and multiply.

Usually parasites can enter the bloodstream when eggs or larvae are ingested with under-prepared food like meat, poultry, fish or other seafood.

In this case, doctors had to cut through the patient’s skull and into her brain to remove the huge, white parasite feasting away within of a cystic sac of fluid.

The surgeons then insert a tube into the parasite and pump it full of water for a smoother extraction.

See the procedure in the video clip below.