WATCH: ‘I’m Terrified My Son Could Become a Mass Murderer’ – Mother Shares Her Life of Fear

Karen, who recently went on the Dr. Phil show, says she lives in fear that her 23-year-old son Andrew will be the next mass murderer. She said that he has had a history of mental illness since childhood, which included suicide attempts at the ages of seven and 14, and that he has frequently discussed his urges to murder innocent people.

According to Karen, she struggles with constant fear and heartbreak.

“Andrew has always had a fascination where a large number of people were killed,” Karen told Dr. Phil. “Andrew says he has a ‘good Andrew’ and then a ‘bad Andrew,’ but sometimes the ‘bad Andrew overrules the ‘good Andrew.’”

Although she says she’s tried to get him help, and to get protection, apparently there isn’t much that authorities can do, because Andrew hasn’t actually harmed anyone yet.

“I don’t want to leave this world without knowing that I’ve done everything I can to help my son,” said Karen.

Apparently Karen and her partner have both obtained concealed weapons permits and carry guns since they fear for their safety around Andrew.

A couple of years ago Andrew even broke into Karen’s horse trailer and stole guns and ammunition. The Huffington Post reports that several area schools went into lockdown during that incident.

This heartbreaking story raises comes at a crucial point, as reports of mass shootings and violence seem to roll in on a daily basis, and the issue of gun control dominates the social consciousness of our news cycles.

See more in the video clip above, and hear more from Andrew in the clip below.