WATCH: Insane Subway Brawl Erupts After Man Smacks Woman

WARNING: The above video contains graphic language.

The NYPD are investigating an incident that took place on the city’s F train in Manhattan, captured on a cell phone camera and later uploaded to YouTube on Saturday with an appropriate title: “Man smacks the soul out of girl on the NY Subway.”

The video begins with a woman, backed up by her friends, trash-talking a nearby man wearing a trapper hat before knocking the cameraman’s phone out of his hand. Around the one-minute mark, she starts hitting the man in the trapper hat. He in turn smacks the woman across the face with what looks like a good amount of force, launching her back.

After his assault, the entire subway car launches into an all-out brawl while the cameraman yells in excitement.

The video, which already has nearly one million views, is undated, although police told the NY Daily News the incident took place on a Washington Square-bound F train.

Watch the two minute video above.