WATCH: “Intactivist” Mom Refuses to Circumcise 4-Year-Old, Lands in Jail

This Florida mom was on the lam until she got busted and thrown into Broward County Jail on Thursday, May 19th, all because she refused to allow doctors to circumcise her son. Even though it’s illegal to force circumcision on parents (or the child), Heather Hironimus has been fighting to save her son Chase’s foreskin for over a year now.

It was back in 2012 that Hironimus split up with Chase’s father. It was also when she signed an agreement to allow the father to take the child in for his circumcision. Based on the signed paperwork, a Florida court ordered the procedure be done in May 2014, but Hironimus got an emergency order that delayed the circumcision. She was finally ordered to go through with it in March 2015.

Instead of complying with the courts, Hironimus and Chase disappeared. Meanwhile, other “intactivists” took up her charge and even raised thousands of dollar for legal fees on Hironimus’s behalf, a cause they began calling “Saving Chase.”

Hironimus is suing her ex and the judge who approved the circumcision. She says it’s not medically necessary and her son doesn’t want it. Jeffrey Gillen, the judge who issued the ruling for the procedure, based his decision on testimony from a pediatric urologist who says that circumcision lowers the risk of penile cancer and of AIDS. The Centers for Disease Control issued a new federal guideline last December saying the health benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks, and the procedure should be covered by medical insurance.

Intactivists don’t support what they call “traumatic genital surgery.” They say the health benefits are insignificant and it deprives boys of sexual pleasure in adulthood.

No one’s really sure where the fate of this boy’s foreskin lies, but Hironimus is being held on charges that include interference with custody and writ of bodily attachment. Whatever that means!