WATCH: Is This Rabbit Hutch Haunted by a Ghost Bunny?

Anna Mullin is a 14-year-old teenager who has two rabbits, Daisy and Dozy, that she keeps in an outside hutch. Recently, she was filming her pets on her iPhone when the most unexpected thing happened.

In the footage above you can see unexplained flickering, which is usually referred to as “orbs” by paranormal experts. After the flickering, you notice the rabbits seem a little freaked out (after all, animals do have sensory experiences we can’t understand). After the flickering, a blue object on top of the hutch, presumably a peg, mysteriously flies off and hits the ground. The rabbits go inside the hutch, as if to hide.

About what was captured on her phone Mullin said, “It wasn’t until I showed it to other people that they pointed out what was in the video.I hadn’t noticed it but when I did I thought it was really spooky and the more I watched it the creepier it got…We bought the hutch second hand. When we asked the man who was selling it why he didn’t need it any more he explained that his rabbit had died. I think the old rabbit might be haunting the hutch.”

Mullin does not plan to replace the hutch anytime soon. The ‘ghost’ doesn’t seem very menacing and Daisy and Dozy seem perfectly happy.

What do you think of the video? Do you feel this teenager’s phone has captured paranormal activity? What do you think made the peg fly around and how do you explain the flickering?