WATCH: Katy Perry & 11-year-old’s Tear-Jerker Duet

Meet Jodi. She’s 11-years-old, has autism and the girl can rock!

Comedy Central and Jon Stewart recently held their bi-annual event A Night of Too Many Stars, that aims to raise money and awareness for autism programs. Jodi DiPiazza is one of the children whose live is affected by these programs.

Jodi was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and the doctors told her parents there wasn’t much that could be done.

“What they told us was there’s no cure for it. It’s a life-long disability and don’t expect too much,” Tom DiPiazza, her father, said at the event.

But with the help of an intensive education program and customized attention, Jodi proved the doctors and naysayers wrong. After picking up on her interest in music, her teachers and parents encouraged her natural talent and she started studying the piano and singing.

“We are extremely lucky to have gotten into a program where my child was able to access exactly what she needed,” DiPiazza said.

Today Jodi takes part in the Honors Program at the Mannes College of Music Prep School where she is enrolled for her musical studies, as detailed on her website. Oh yeah, she has her own website. How cool is that?

And it gets cooler, because at the Night of Too Many Stars Jodi once again proved her own rising star when she performed a duet with Katy Perry in a performance that brought the house down. The two sang Perry’s “Firework” at the Beacon Theater in New York while Jodi played along on the piano.

Afterwards Jodi embraced Perry in a tight body hug as the audience gave a standing ovation.

The Night of Too Many Stars will air on the Comedy Channel this Sunday, October 21 at 8:00 ET.

But you can watch Jodi and Katy Perry’s performance right now, in the video above.

A word of warning: Not tearing up might prove to be impossible, so glance around to make sure people aren’t looking at you. All clear? Okay check it out!