WATCH: Ke$ha Lets Go in New Video, ‘C’mon’

It may be the case that Ke$ha’s latest album, Warrior, isn’t holding up too well on the sales chart. But that doesn’t mean the singer is giving up anytime soon.

In her latest video for “C’mon,” a song she debuted back in November, Ke$ha does what Ke$ha does best: Put together a video rife with random scenes that make little sense, but are still somehow enjoyable to watch.

In this latest piece, the 25-year-old keeps the fun going by partying with animals, riding a speed bike through the night streets, and kissing a cashier who turns into a cat…because what else can possibly happen when Ke$ha kisses cashiers?

We’ll let you make your own judgments on the video. Check it out above and share your thoughts below.