WATCH: Kitten Stuck in Hamster Ball

There are a million cat videos out there, but it’s nice to know that you can always find a new one to surprise and delight you — and make you laugh.

This “Kitten Stuck in Hamster Ball” video was uploaded to YouTube in 2011, and it’s gotten some slow-but-steady attention over the years. Considering it’s been viewed by more than 16 million people, we’re surprised we never saw it until now. Fortunately, the internet is forever. (That’s a life-lesson, kids, when you want to post sexy selfies, drunk party pics, or any photo / video that you’ll regret later in life.)

The kitten is named Tom Tom — at least he was a kitten when this was shot — and here’s what the owner writes about him:

Tom Tom gets in hamster ball while brother Monkney watches him having a ball.

Simple, and to the point. Thanks for that.

Anyway, if Tom Tom’s face in our featured image doesn’t get you going smiling and “Awww”ing, watching him try to navigate the living room while trying to get his face back out of the hamster ball hole is a treat in itself. Check out Tom Tom in action and share his adventure with your friends.

And thanks to I Heart Cats for the tip.