WATCH: Kylie Minogue, 25 Years of the “Locomotion”

For readers of a certain age living in the United States, their first exposure to Australian pop diva Kylie Minogue was through her early songs “Locomotion” and “I Should Be So Lucky.” It was the late 1980s and Minogue got some good airplay for those tunes, but she never gained the kind of traction here that Madonna or Cyndi Lauper scored.

Then came her Fever album in 2001, and suddenly American’s were moving to Minogue again, sliding onto the dance floor with “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” More albums followed, and just this month she made the rounds on US talk shows– primarily on E! and Bravo where there’s a strong female and gay viewership, two groups who love Ms. Minogue– to promote her new single “Timebomb” and The Best of Kylie Minogue album. While she is still not at the Lady Gaga or Katy Perry level of fame among US listeners, she’s scored a solid and loyal fan base that packs US venues when she tours here.

BACK STORY: Minogue been a child actor in Australia and started getting major attention while appearing on the television soap opera Neighbours. Then in 1986 her world changed. Minogue and some of her Neighbours co-stars were performing at a benefit concert for a Melbourne Aussie-Rules Football club. The crowd loved it and asked for an encore. With nothing prepared, Minogue suggested they sing one of her favorite songs, the 1963 hit “The Locomotion.” It was a big hit in this pre-YouTube era, and she eventually recorded the song as her first single in 1987.

That brings us to 2012, where Minogue is celebrating her 25 years in music.

“I am astounded to be still around after 25 years. That is the truth,” the 43-year-old London-based star told Daily Express. “I’ve been doing quite a bit of reminiscing which is not a usual thing for me to do… I’ve been looking back through a load of old photos and footage. It isn’t normal to still be here and looking forward to great things I have planned for next year. I feel very, very fortunate.”

In honor of that anniversary, Minogue, who was successfully treated for breast cancer in 2005, is planning a documentary, a TV special and even a book to mark her 25th year, called K25. She’s also been releasing special videos on the 25th of each month, and the one that came out this week is a look at the song that started it all: “The Locomotion.” This video covers various interpretations she’s performed, including footage from the original video, her concerts, and some new material; that’s got us wondering if a new video version of this song is currently in editing.

Only time will tell on that, but check out the compilation video now.