WATCH: LA Folks Try (and Fail) to Guess What YOLO Means

We thought everyone knew what the acronym YOLO stood for until we watched this video. Ever since rapper Drake made the “you only live once” saying popular though his song, “The Motto,” people everywhere have been using it as either encouragement or excuse to engage in questionable behavior, but we now know the saying isn’t quite as ubiquitous as we thought it was.

In a recent Jimmy Kimmel skit, the comedian’s team took to the Hollywood streets to find out how many people passing by actually knew what the term meant. We were surprised by the results – one responder guessed it referred to an over-fried falafel while another came up with “yelling orangutans like oranges” as an answer.

The biggest surprise however, comes at the end. We won’t ruin it for you but we do have to warn you: it can’t be unseen.

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