WATCH: Last Remaining Witness to Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination Recalls What He Saw

In 1956, only one man was left alive who had witnessed the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The fatal shooting that took Lincoln’s life occurred in 1865, and Samuel J. Seymour was in the very theater when the shot rang out.

In the following video clip above from his mid-50’s television appearance, you can see Seymour recall that terrible moment. Seymour shared his shocking memory on a game show called “I’ve Got a Secret.” He was 96 years old at the time of the television appearance.

Given that Seymour was 96 at the time of the television show, that means he would have been only five years old when he witnessed the President of the United States get shot.

“I saw Lincoln slumped forward in his seat,” Seymour has said about the incident. “People started milling around and I thought there’d been another accident when one man seemed to tumble over the balcony rail and land on the stage.”

Seymour says he was scared to death. His godmother had taken him to see the show that day, and the two of them were seated in the balcony on the opposite side of the theater from Lincoln’s box.

Seymour passed away the same year of the television show’s taping, but he became known as the last surviving person to be an eyewitness to Lincoln’s death.