Lisa Whelchel of The Facts of Life and Survivor Philippines Ends 24 Year Marriage

You take the good, you take the bad, and the fact of life is…divorce happens.

It’s happened to former Facts of Life star, and current Survivor Philippines contestant, Lisa Whelchel.

People magazine is breaking the news that Whelchel ended her 24-year marriage to Steve Cauble back in March of this year, managing to keep the breakup under wraps until she went public with it today.

Whelceh told People, “The divorce was final on March 1, and [I] went out to be on Survivor on March 10. Going out to Survivor was helpful for me, to divert my attention and not just dwell on the loss.”

The 49-year-old, a devout Christian, met her 61-year-old ex-husband back in 1986 at a church prayer group. They have three children together.

Whelchel tells People, “I just never thought it would happen to me. It was painful to realize that it wasn’t going to work out.” But, she adds that she and Cauble remain friends and they will “always be family.”

Whelchel is a child actor, who grew up before viewers eyes on the 80s sitcom, The Facts of Life. She surprised her fans when she joined the cast of Survivor Philippines earlier this year.

You can watch Whelchel’s debut last night on Survivor Philippines below.